First Solution to Match Training to Rep’s Individual Experience, Knowledge, and Skills

TORONTO, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – ACTO, the #1 Learning Platform in Life Sciences, today announced Journeys, an automated personalized learning solution within the ACTO platform. For the first time, Journeys provides Life Sciences companies with the ability to allow their field teams and marketing associates to reduce “time in seats” by empowering learners to test out of training on information they already know, while maintaining compliance.

The approach of matching training to a learner’s individual needs using automated, adaptive, conditional logic can reduce time to market for new product launches and relaunches, increase time in the field for sales reps, improve systems training, and boost clinical acumen.

“What excites me about Journeys is the ability to meet learners where they are in their individual skills development,” says Meera Mehta, Director of Sales Training at Kaléo, an ACTO customer. “The flexibility provided by Journeys allows us to enhance learning without disrupting a rep’s field engagement with customers.”

“Learning in the Life Sciences industry today follows a one-size-fits all approach, which means that seasoned pharma and medtech veterans and new entrants fresh out of college get the same training when they join a company. This undoubtedly has a top line impact. Traditional, cookie-cutter training can add stop time to product launches, increase rep ramp time, and can make product launch re-training especially frustrating to top performers,” says Parth Khanna, CEO of ACTO. “With Journeys, Commercial Learning & Development (CL&D), brand, and field force effectiveness teams can match knowledge and skill training to the unique, individual needs of learners. For example, sales reps can now test out of training on information they already know, which makes their onboarding and continuous learning journey more relevant and results in improved performance.”

Personalized learning also contributes to new hires having a positive early experience with a company, helping to reduce attrition. A March 2023 Gartner® research note, Leverage Learning Technology for More Engaging and Effective Onboarding, stated, ” … To retain more new hires, learning and development leaders must maximize use of learning technologies to deliver automated, personalized employee onboarding that drives culture connection and productivity.”*

“Beyond improving the new hire onboarding experience, Journeys also supports training pull-through,” notes Khanna. “Instead of forcing all sales reps to take the same reinforcement training, Journeys allows sales training teams to quiz reps to assess their knowledge retention and, based on predetermined score conditions, automatically adapt the rep’s learning journey to match their specific needs.”

Khanna also highlights how Journeys can also help develop and engage teams in a continuous learning culture. “When training is personalized and relevant, it is viewed by reps as something that improves their knowledge, skills, competence, and confidence, all of which better equips them to sell.”

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*Gartner, Leverage Learning Technology for More Engaging and Effective Onboarding, March 2023.

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