Analytic Partners Empowers Brands with Forward-Looking Decisioning to Drive Business Growth

Analytic Partners helps brands evolve from Marketing Mix Modeling and Multi-Touch Attribution report card ROIs to future-looking commercial intelligence for business growth.

MIAMI, Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Analytic Partners, the leader in marketing measurement and optimization, has added new capabilities to its platform, GPS-Enterprise (GPS-E) to empower businesses to make dynamic, forward-looking decisions with confidence. GPS-E delivers commercial intelligence to enable brands to move away from backward-looking report card measurement and account for the rapid shifts in the market and overall economy.

In today’s increasingly complex business landscape, marketers can no longer rely on the historical performance ROI report cards from Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) to plan future activities. What worked last quarter might not work next quarter due to rapid changes in the economic environment, customer behavior, and competitive landscape. Recognizing the need for forward-looking planning and strategies, Analytic Partners’ Commercial Analytics solution and platform, GPS-E, empower marketers to make proactive decisions that boost their brands.

Commercial Analytics leverages advanced science and proven expertise to understand and predict the impact of all business drivers, including brand, customer, product, operational, market and external factors. GPS-E integrates data, analytics, and insights, and facilitates decisioning through dynamic forecasting and real-world scenario planning and optimization.

New features now available with Commercial Analytics on Analytic Partners’ platform, GPS-Enterprise:

  • Proactive planning – automatically generates investment scenarios that incorporate all internal constraints and outside influences to surface new and untapped opportunities to create value.
  • Scenario guidance – reduces time-to-decision by enabling brands to develop, optimize and evaluate multi-objective plans at an accelerated pace.
  • Forecast collaboration – allows brands to continuously anticipate and react to change and share updated insights across functions and teams. Brands can easily adapt and pivot to changing market conditions, adjust assumptions and optimize to deliver more accurate forecasts.
  • New end-to-end UI/UX – surface timely insights on what’s happening behind the scenes and shed light into the perceived black box. The transparency on data accuracy, analytics and timeliness of intelligence builds credibility in planning and decision-making.

Analytic Partners has over 20 years of expertise delivering marketing measurement and optimization insights, validating models and analytic techniques, and addressing multi-faceted business questions and goals. Customers leveraging Analytic Partners’ Commercial Analytics for decision-making, have earned industry recognition on various occasions, including winning at the ANA Genius Awards for Analytics Adoption multiple years in a row, the Broadbent Prize for Best Dedication to Effectiveness at the IPA Effectiveness Awards, and the I-COM Data Creativity Awards. The new capabilities are built upon the proven success of turning data into expertise so that brands can unlock growth opportunities and deliver commercial value.

Nancy Smith, President and CEO at Analytic Partners, explains: “We are pleased to release these powerful, forward-looking enhancements to our platform, GPS-E. The accelerating pace of change continues in the marketplace. Due to our close working relationship with our valued customers, we have an acute understanding of the need for proactive and accessible planning and optimization capabilities. The early results are in, and our customers are now better equipped with the tools commercial decisions and adapt to dynamic market challenges and opportunities.”

Analytic Partners’ Commercial Analytics solution is available to marketers globally today. To learn more, visit:

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Analytic Partners is the leader in commercial analytics. Our platform, GPS-Enterprise provides adaptive solutions for deeper business understanding and right-time planning and optimization for marketing and beyond. We turn data into expertise so that our customers can create powerful connections with their customers and achieve commercial success. For more information on Analytic Partners, visit its website at

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