Author Scott Abramson M.D.’s New Audiobook, “Bedside Manners for Physicians and Everybody Else,” Offers Valuable Insight Into the Nuances of Patient Care

San Mateo, CA, September 27, 2023 –(– Scott Abramson M.D., who, for over forty years, enjoyed a rewarding career as a neurologist at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group in the San Francisco Bay Area, has completed his new audiobook, “Bedside Manners for Physicians and Everybody Else: What They Don’t Teach in Medical School (Or Any Other School)”: an impactful work that embodies some human truths about listening, connection, faith, bereavement, death, teamwork, empathy, courage, grace, joy, leadership, parenting, burnout, the challenges of work-life balance, and the secret of happiness.

Abramson writes, “Susan’s husband was diagnosed with cancer. In addition to continuing to work her full-time job, now Susan had the new burden of caring for Bob. Susan spent a lot of time at the hospital. She spent a lot of time talking with doctors and specialists and nurses. Bob died two years later. I asked Susan what it was like for her during all those conversations with the medical world. I knew Bob had been given excellent medical care at our hospital, but I wondered how we had scored in our communication of that care. I wondered how we’d scored on the empathy meter.

“’Oh,’ replied Susan, ‘the doctors and the nurses were wonderful to Bob. They were kind. They were caring. They were compassionate.’ ‘But just once in all that time,’ Susan added. ‘I wish they would have asked about me.’”

Published by Audiobook Network, author Scott Abramson M.D.’s new audiobook is a collection of short vignettes about patients, physicians, and their interactions.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Bedside Manners for Physicians and Everybody Else: What They Don’t Teach in Medical School (Or Any Other School)” by Scott Abramson M.D. through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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