Author Todd L. Cook’s New Book, “Lessons Learned: From Playground to Penitentiary,” is About One Man’s Empowering Journey of Transformation

Lincoln, NE, December 15, 2023 –(– Todd L. Cook, who has his paralegal diploma and is now working on his bachelor’s degree in business administration through Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado, has completed his new book, “Lessons Learned: From Playground to Penitentiary”: an inspiring work that offers guidance in avoiding peer pressure, quitting smoking, overcoming drug and alcohol addiction, and using the stock market.

Author Todd L. Cook grew up in Norfolk, Nebraska, and found himself in trouble with the law early in life. The mistakes he made as a teenager resulted in his conviction of first-degree murder at the age of 18 and a mandatory life-without-parole sentence.

Throughout the years of incarceration, Todd has educated himself in psychology and how to use the stock market effectively. His mission in life is to do something great, give back, and make up for the harm he has caused. He believes that telling his story will help him take steps in that direction.

Todd writes, “Since I found myself with this irrational thought process early in life, it is no surprise that more trouble was coming my way. I was arrested for shoplifting and ‘car shopping’ (stealing items out of vehicles) and placed on diversion by age 13 or 14. This resulted in six months’ worth of supervision by a police officer who, ironically, would later be the same officer to arrest me at age 18 for felony murder. Wonder if he ever thought that the juvenile delinquent he met at age 13 would grow up to be a murderer? If he had, what could he have done about it? Therein lies the problem. There isn’t an easy answer for this question, and that is part of the reason I wrote this book, to give some insight and understanding of lessons learned from a person with a criminal past.”

Published by Page Publishing, Todd L. Cook’s impactful work shares his life story, which demonstrates the power of perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds, making this a must-read for anyone struggling to fit in or having trouble believing in themselves.

Readers who wish to experience this lifechanging work can purchase “Lessons Learned: From Playground to Penitentiary” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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