CaptivateIQ introduces real-time data management for incentive compensation

SmartGrid™ ELT brings enterprise-scalability and speed to importing, aggregating, and transforming commission data – all without code

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CaptivateIQ, a leading incentive compensation management (ICM) solution, today introduced SmartGrid™ ELT engine, a real-time data management suite for importing, aggregating, and transforming commission data sources without code.

Commissions are often a sales organization’s largest expense and getting sales data into a commissions-ready state is a prerequisite to a successful and cost-effective incentive compensation program. Before CaptivateIQ, calculating commissions meant combining data from multiple sources, investing in daylong data clean-up efforts, and waiting on help from consultants or data teams.

“Our founding team lived the pain of running commissions first hand. We know exactly how frustrating it is to spend days cleaning and manipulating data and how powerless you feel waiting on technical teams for help,” said Mark Schopmeyer, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at CaptivateIQ. “We knew our platform had to be different. That’s why we built SmartGrid. It’s the engine powering CaptivateIQ that gives our customers the ability to manage massive volumes of data and calculate commissions at speed and without code or support from other teams. It’s a key reason why our customers save up to 60 hours a month on their commissions process.”

The SmartGrid ELT engine is a proprietary extract, load, transform (ELT) technology that enables sales compensation teams to load data in any format and transform it into a commissions-ready state, both when they first set plans and in real-time as their business changes. The ability to prep and adapt these data sets in a no-code interface, without intervention from consultants or data teams, cuts data management time down from days to hours, lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) of ICM and delivering a faster-time-to-value.

Key features include:

  • Native data connectors that give organizations the flexibility to pull in data from any source, in any format: While legacy tools require rigid templates or specific structures to import data, the SmartGrid ELT engine allows CaptivateIQ to ingest data in any format and at scale. Load up to 25 million records of data per sync directly from sources like Salesforce, NetSuite, and Snowflake.
  • Point-and-click transformations to quickly and easily massage data in real-time: Once data is loaded, aggregate data sources on the spot to meet the unique needs of the business. With a user-friendly, no-code solution, admins can transform data themselves, without data teams or consultants.
  • A library of familiar formulas to enrich the data: Access an extensive library of familiar spreadsheet formulas to further transform and refine data. Simply scroll and click to apply the formulas and create new data from existing data sets. No learning curve and no code needed.

As KC Procter, Director of HR & IT at The Speaker Lab stated, “Prior to CaptivateIQ, the [data management] process was chaos. It would take us 2-3 days to prep data from all the different sources. There was a lot of opportunity for human error as we had to do everything manually and with overly complicated formulas. Now it takes a few hours.”

Today’s announcement comes as a follow-on to CaptivateIQ’s recent introduction of its SmartGrid calculation engine – which helps businesses run commission calculations in real-time, at scale. For more information about the data management or calculation capabilities of SmartGrid, visit

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