Combating the $112 Billion Retail Theft Problem with DMVI’s “Future of Retail Security” Platform

Sebastopol, CA, September 28, 2023 –(– The State of Retail Theft Today
Recent media attention has spotlighted the escalating trend of shoplifting, organized retail crime, and in-store aggression. Prominent national retail chains have been forced to shutter locations and resort to chaining up merchandise. Urban centers, such as San Francisco, have seen a sharp decline in store presence. With a backdrop of alarming security measures, such as locking up high-theft items—leading to up to a 90% loss in sales—it’s evident that retailers need innovative solutions now more than ever.

Introducing DMVI Retail’s Innovative Solution
DMVI Retail, a new entry into the retail theft-prevention domain, has crafted a pioneering platform that fuses advanced hardware with AI-infused software, targeting the considerable challenge of shrink—a term synonymous with theft in the retail arena.

Unlike previous attempts that often aggravated customers and strained staff, DMVI Retail’s state-of-the-art solution optimizes security without compromising on the shopper’s experience. By integrating artificial intelligence with top-tier hardware and premium, backend hosted software, DMVI Retail offers a seamless approach that minimizes the load on retail IT departments.

About DMVI Retail
A subsidiary of Digital Media Vending International, LLC— a front-runner in automated retailing solutions—DMVI Retail stands at the forefront of inventing, simplifying, and integrating product dispensing solutions. Their expertise spans an array of sectors, from packaged goods and baked items to liquids and technological devices.

LPRC Collaboration
Recognizing DMVI Retail’s potential, the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) has extended an invitation to join their esteemed council as a supplier member. As DMVI Retail embarks on this new journey, they take immense pride in aligning with such a revered institution and aspire to rapidly establish themselves as an invaluable asset to the LPRC community.