Culturelle® Probiotics Seeks to Bridge Healthcare Inequities for Women

Global Brand Seeks to ‘Close the Gap’ through Healthcare Education and Advocacy

NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Culturelle® Probiotics, a global leader in the probiotics industry, will use National Women’s Health Day (Sept. 27) to launch Close the Gap, an initiative aimed at addressing gender inequities in healthcare. The multi-year campaign will focus on addressing women’s healthcare barriers through raising awareness, improving health literacy, advocating for policy changes, and building advocacy within the medical community.

Despite significant progress in the last few decades, multiple studies have shown that gender disparities persist in various aspects of healthcare, including care, treatment, and outcomes. Grounded in the principles of advocacy and education, the campaign’s initial phase seeks to ‘close the gap’ by enlisting healthcare providers to drive meaningful change and equip women with greater knowledge and skills to navigate the healthcare system.

“The team at Culturelle® Probiotics knows that leadership means tackling tough challenges. That’s why we started by expanding to offer a probiotic product built specifically for women. In doing that, we encountered and uncovered some of the challenges that impact women and their health—especially ones that stem from gender inequities. That’s why we’re committing to advocating for women in their specific health needs”, noted Brittany Allen-Ambrose, Culturelle® Probiotics Brand Manager.

Culturelle® Probiotics recognizes that one step to helping women better advocate for their health, is the building of trust with their healthcare providers. To address this, the probiotic brand will work with three respected physicians to create educational content in which they share their perspective on ways that women can actively foster stronger, more informed relationships with their doctors.

“Inequities in healthcare continue to disproportionately affect women, and most especially women of color,” says Sarah Jamison, MD, a New York City board-certified emergency medicine physician, “it is the responsibility of healthcare providers everywhere to foster an environment where patients of all demographics are equally respected and heard. It is up to us to Close the Gap.”

Dr. Jamison, who was named by Essence magazine as an Essential Hero for her dedication to patient-centered care, will contribute to the campaign’s consumer education portion, along with California-based Dr. Sasha Haddad, family medicine resident whose down-to-earth health advice on social media has garnered over a million followers, and Dr. Amy Shah (Phoenix), a double board-certified medical doctor and member of the Forbes Health Advisory Board.

The Close the Gap educational resources, which include videos streamed on social media channels, will begin distribution on September 27. This effort will be followed by a campaign to enlist physicians to help dismantle healthcare barriers for the women they serve. 

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