EaglePicher® Develops Essential Battery Technology for Saab Gripen E-series Fighter Aircraft System

EaglePicher selected as the developer and manufacturer of a lithium-ion main and emergency battery for the Saab Gripen E-series fighter aircraft.

ST. LOUIS, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EaglePicher®, a leading innovator and producer of battery power systems, today announced an award by Saab to design and develop a 24 volt lithium-ion battery for the Gripen E-series fighter aircraft. This is the first of its kind lithium-ion battery used on Saab’s aircraft.

EaglePicher’s history includes transforming aviation through lithium-ion technology, as the first to develop lithium-ion power for a defense aircraft, the B2 stealth bomber. These new 24 volt, 36 amp-hour lithium-ion main and emergency batteries improve redundancy and add robustness on the Gripen E-series. The batteries power avionics and weapon systems while delivering enhanced, instantaneous power for engine start in austere, cold-weather operations.

These batteries, designed specifically for the Gripen E-series, feature extreme low- temperature capability and extended operational cycle life for elongated time on wing and reduced maintenance, thus delivering enhanced value and reduced cost of ownership. The batteries include integrated battery charging and advanced performance power electronics technology as well as integrated battery management system with bi-directional communications bus enabling enhanced pilot and maintenance situational awareness. The batteries are qualified to the highest FAA safety standards (RTCA DO-311A) and software standards (RTCA DO178, DAL A).

“EaglePicher’s legacy is in aviation and aerospace,” said Rich Hunter, EaglePicher’s chief executive officer. “We are thrilled to partner with the talented team at Saab on this innovative aircraft.”

Designed to defeat any adversary, the Gripen E-series incorporates cutting-edge technologies including the latest systems, sensors, weapons and pods to ensure combat advantage, delivering air superiority in highly contested environments. The Gripen E-series is re-defining the rules of air combat.

EaglePicher is modifying and adapting its specialized electrochemistry and cell designs first introduced on the Joint Strike Fighter’s emergency battery system which powers all critical avionics and flight controls in the event of an engine failure. These batteries will deliver enhanced operational performance and safety, enabling the specialized missions of the Gripen E-series aircraft including operations in some of the harshest and most demanding environmental conditions.

About EaglePicher
EaglePicher Technologies designs, develops and produces mission-critical power systems. EaglePicher is an industry leader in defense and aerospace grade batteries, battery management systems and energetic devices. For 100 years, the company has served critical defense, space and aviation battery applications. EaglePicher encompasses eight U.S. manufacturing and research and development sites and employs more than 850 team members.


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