Eastwall and AOG Partner to Accelerate Clinical AI Strategies through Microsoft Azure

DENVER, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Eastwall, a Microsoft Solution Partner specializing in Azure consulting and cloud engineering in healthcare, and Asher Orion Group (AOG), a thought leader in regulated medical device technology and AI/ML innovation, are thrilled to announce a new partnership. The alliance seeks to further healthcare technology services by creating a seamless bridge between AOG’s specialized clinical AI strategies and Eastwall’s comprehensive Microsoft Azure solutions.

This collaboration between Eastwall and Asher Orion Group brings clinical and technical healthcare design together, offering solutions where AI is seamlessly integrated into the clinical environment, all supported by the robustness and scalability of Microsoft Azure.

“Pairing our scientific, engineering, and clinical insights with Eastwall’s exceptional proficiency in Azure will create a valuable and innovative AI solutions for healthcare use-cases that are also secure, scalable, and compliant to requisite standards and laws,” states John F Kalafut, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CEO of AOG.

“We recognize that in the rapidly evolving field of healthcare and life sciences, leveraging a well architected framework and cloud adoption model is not a luxury; it’s a necessity for modern technology enablement. Our partnership with AOG is a testament to this understanding. We are beyond excited to put Azure’s AI capabilities to work for healthcare providers and their patients,” says Glenn Mate, Co-Founder and CEO of Eastwall.

AI-Enabled Healthcare through Azure: The Cornerstone of the Partnership

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Through Azure AI
AOG’s proven track record in developing clinical imaging workflows finds an ideal technical partner in Eastwall. Utilizing Azure’s platform and AI services, the partnership promises not just rapid creation and testing of approaches that can result in more confident and precise diagnoses and pathway decisions. Azure’s robust computing power allows for real-time processing of complex imaging algorithms, thus expediting the clinical decision-making process.

Predictive Analytics for Clinical Pathways
AOG’s expertise and ability to optimize clinical pathways, combined with Azure’s unparalleled data analytics and AI solutions, will assist healthcare organizations in creating predictive, personalized treatment plans. These AI tools can sift through petabytes of data to identify trends, probabilities, and outcomes, which can then be presented to healthcare providers in an easily digestible format through Azure-based dashboards and point-of-care applications.

AI Regulatory Compliance 
Navigating the complex landscape of healthcare compliance is a constant challenge. With Eastwall’s expertise in customizing Azure’s native compliance capabilities, healthcare organizations can better integrate with, and deploy, AOG’s advanced AI and machine learning strategies while maintaining rigorous regulatory standards. This specialized alignment is essential for healthcare apps deployed in the cloud, especially those dealing with sensitive patient data, as it safeguards both compliance and data security.

Customized Patient Experiences
The Azure AI platform, when utilized with AOG’s clinical insights, can elevate personalized patient experiences. Whether it’s through targeted care plans, automated reminders, or predictive health monitoring, Azure can offer the computational, automation, and security features needed to make these AI applications efficient and safe.

Seamless Data Integration and Interoperability
Both companies acknowledge that for AI to be truly impactful, it needs to work seamlessly with existing healthcare information systems, databases, and clinical applications. Azure’s extensive capabilities in data integration make it the perfect platform to implement AOG’s AI-driven healthcare solutions. This ensures that patient records, clinical databases, and other forms of healthcare data are fully interoperable and accessible.

Scalability and Futureproofing
One of the significant advantages of this partnership will be the inherent scalability provided by Azure’s cloud infrastructure. AOG’s solutions can easily be deployed at a scale which is vital for healthcare systems looking to expand or contract based on demand. Additionally, Azure’s continued focus on innovation ensures that future advancements in AI can quickly be incorporated into AOG’s offerings.

“Eastwall’s collaboration with AOG is a transformative fusion that empowers the healthcare sector to harness the full potential of clinical AI via Microsoft’s Azure platform,” says Chuck Martin, Co-Founder & Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships at Eastwall. “We are positioned to fill critical gaps in the healthcare sector, from cloud adoption to advanced AI applications, all while keeping compliance and data security at the forefront.”

About Asher Orion Group

Asher Orion Group (AOG) is a global, independent, strategic product management firm for digital health and medical AI solutions.  AOG is a pioneer in healthcare technology, providing cutting-edge solutions and consulting services that incorporate AI, clinical pathway optimization, regulatory strategy, and more. To learn more, visit www.asheroriongroup.com.

About Eastwall

Eastwall is a leading Microsoft services partner focused 100% on the Azure platform helping clients build, migrate, modernize, and manage their applications, infrastructure, data, and analytics in the cloud. Dedicated to driving meaningful impact, Eastwall has continually exhibited a commitment to aligning its services with healthcare organizations’ strategic objectives through all phases of cloud adoption to deliver an exceptional Azure experience. To learn more, visit, www.eastwall.com


Chuck Martin

Co-Founder, Vice President of Business Development & Partnerships

Eastwall, LLC


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