Eerie Yet Elegant: Crystal Head Vodka Launches Specialty Bone Bottle

Limited Edition Bone Bottle Haunts the Shelves Just in Time for Halloween 

TORONTO, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Crystal Head Vodka, an ultra-premium vodka brand, announced today the return of its limited-edition Bone bottle in celebration of Halloween. Showcasing a bone-replicated design created with an eerie yet elegant decorative finish, Crystal Head Vodka continues to celebrate the creative spirit just in time for the spooky season. 

Known for its signature skull-shaped bottle, harboring the purest, smoothest vodka with one-of-a-kind packaging and imaginative thinking, Crystal Head’s Bone bottle’s artistic and skeletal design offers a distinctive consumer experience: a smooth and delicious vodka ideally fit for Halloween-themed cocktails and the perfect spooky season bar cart addition. Initially launched in 2019, the 2023 release will offer a super-limited run of 4,500 cases total of Bone bottles globally.

The 2023 Bone bottle displays a chalky white ceramic coating that mimics the look of bone to artistically house Crystal Head’s original Canadian corn-based vodka, crafted from Canadian peaches and cream corn that offers neutral grain aromas with a delicate touch of citrus. Silky smooth with a hint of sweetness and vanilla that ends with a sweet, creamy finish, the award-winning spirit is sugar-free, gluten-free, and seven times filtered through Herkimer diamonds to ensure a premium drinking experience.

“We’re bringing the Bone bottle back just in time for Halloween, celebrating the fusion of Crystal Head’s craftsmanship and creative mystique,” said Dan Aykroyd, Crystal Head Vodka founder, actor and musician. “Our 2023 launch is bigger and better, as we’ve expanded the Bone bottle’s availability globally in response to its success in 2019 and consumer demand. This one-of-a-kind bottle design represents our brand’s quintessential commitment to merging artistic expression and fun, allowing consumers to celebrate the Halloween season with our smooth, decadent vodka and utilize the Bone bottle as epic décor.” 

Launched in limited quantity, Crystal Head Vodka’s “Bone” bottle is 750 ml and available in select markets for a limited time. Must be 21 or older to purchase. For more information about Crystal Head Vodka, visit or on social media @crystalheadvodka.   

About Crystal Head Vodka
Multi-award-winning, ultra-premium Crystal Head Vodka was created by actor Dan Aykroyd and renowned artist John Alexander, who designed the iconic skull bottle to symbolize life, reflecting power and enlightenment. Creativity is at the heart of Crystal Head Vodka, with the desire to inspire those who think differently and encourage their creative pursuits. Crystal Head Vodka uses only the highest-quality ingredients and pristine water from Newfoundland, Canada, to create unique, additive-free, ultra-premium vodka expressions. As a distinctive finishing touch, Crystal Head Vodka is filtered through layers of Herkimer Diamonds. Crystal Head Vodka produces three expressions of vodka: original, made from locally sourced Canadian corn, Aurora, crafted from English wheat, and Onyx, crafted with Blue Weber Agave sourced from a single farm in Mexico. Crystal Head Vodka is now sold in over 75 countries around the world. For more information, visit

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