Elite Food Group Announces Brand Evolution and Strategic Expansions Following Acquisition of Murphy’s Deli

Houston, TX, March 07, 2024 –(PR.com)– Elite Food Group, a leading name in the hospitality and foodservice industry, is proud to announce significant strides in brand development and technological advancements since the acquisition of Murphy’s Deli less than two years ago. This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to enhancing dining experiences and providing modern amenities to property managers, aiding in the attraction and retention of tenants as the trend of returning to the office gains momentum.

Under the strategic direction of Elite Food Group, Murphy’s Deli has undergone a comprehensive brand refresh, including the development of a new, modern design aesthetic, several remodels of existing locations, and the integration of convenience technology to streamline the customer experience. These efforts have not only revitalized the brand but also significantly improved service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In parallel, Elite Food Group has applied similar transformative strategies to High Tower Cafe and High Tower Coffee, focusing on modernizing these brands to meet the evolving needs of today’s consumers. Through these efforts, Elite Food Group aims to provide property managers with attractive, modern amenities that support their efforts to attract and retain tenants, especially as more employees return to office settings.

Masad Baba, Co-Managing Partner at Elite Food Group, expressed, “Our aim has always been centered on leading through innovation and flexibility. Our acquisition and rejuvenation of Murphy’s Deli, combined with our initiatives at High Tower Cafe and High Tower Coffee, highlight our dedication to surpassing the expectations of our clients and their customers.”

Elite Food Group has pioneered a novel approach by incorporating technology and reimagining spaces, thereby establishing a benchmark in the sector, and solidifying its status as a frontrunner in offering contemporary, convenient, and appealing food service solutions. The company continues to be committed to its goal of providing outstanding service and innovative products that cater to the evolving requirements of businesses and consumers.

George Zanabeh, another Co-Managing Partner, shared, “People who work and live in upscale office buildings and complexes expect, and rightfully deserve a top-notch dining experience nearby. We’re proud to offer this service every day. Essentially, our commitment is unwavering, and we are actively seeking franchisees who are equally devoted to maintaining this standard of excellence as we aim to accelerate growth of both brands through franchising.”