Everads Enters License Agreement with Kriya for Development of Ocular Gene Therapy Candidates Using Everads’ Suprachoroidal Delivery Technology

  • Kriya given field-based exclusivity for use of Everads’ platform using gene therapy against certain prespecified therapeutic targets
  • Agreement follows a year-long collaboration between the Parties evaluating Everads’ technology for delivery of gene therapy
  • Recent publication in TVST highlights the safety and rapid distribution throughout the posterior pole in non-human primates achieved with Everads’ technology

TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Everads Therapy, an ophthalmology-focused biotechnology company developing a novel platform that enables non-surgical office-based delivery of therapy to the back of the eye via the suprachoroidal space, announced today that it has entered into a license, collaboration and supply agreement with Kriya Therapeutics, Inc. (“Kriya”) to advance Kriya’s portfolio of gene therapies for retinal diseases using Everads’ suprachoroidal delivery platform. The agreement follows a research collaboration between the parties whereby Everads’ platform was evaluated for delivery of the company’s gene therapy candidates in non-human primate models.

Under the terms of the agreement, Kriya was granted field-based exclusivity for use of Everads’ platform using gene therapy against certain prespecified therapeutic targets including ophthalmic diseases that involve the complement cascade, while Everads retains the right to continue using and/or licensing its technology to other parties for the development of other therapeutic targets using gene therapy, as well as all non-gene therapy applications. Everads received an undisclosed upfront payment and is entitled to receive development milestones and royalties on net sales of products using Everads’ platform.

“Recent data has shown the promise that the suprachoroidal route of administration has for providing a safe and targeted approach for gene therapy,” said Moshe Weinstein, Everads’ Executive Chairman and CEO. “We are extremely excited to enter into this license agreement after a thorough evaluation of our technology and its applicability for delivery of gene therapy. This agreement is a further validation of the uniqueness of our suprachoroidal delivery technology.”

The suprachoroidal space, which is an emerging route of administration for therapies targeting the back of the eye, is the space between the sclera and choroid that circumferentially spans the entire posterior segment of the eye. An increasing number of preclinical and clinical investigations in treating retinal diseases, including via gene therapy, have demonstrated the promise of this route of administration.

Everads believes that its suprachoroidal delivery system will enable safe and effective in-office delivery of therapy to target choroidal and retinal tissues via the suprachoroidal space and is differentiated by its ability to deliver therapy rapidly throughout the posterior pole. The ability of Everads’ technology to enable rapid distribution to the macular region in non-human primate models was the focus of a recent publication in Translational Vision Science and Technology (TVST).

About Everads Therapy

Everads Therapy is a biotech company focused on optimizing treatment of retinal diseases using its proprietary suprachoroidal delivery technology. With the aim of overcoming challenges in current treatment methodologies for retinal and macular diseases, Everads’ delivery platform offers the promise of improving the efficacy and safety of existing and potential drug therapies via suprachoroidal delivery. Everads has a number of collaborations in the areas of gene therapy, cell therapy, small molecule formulations and other modalities. Everads was spun out of DALI Medical Devices, a company specializing in development of injectable drug delivery technologies, and established within RAD Biomed, a leading biotech incubator in Israel. Everads’ underlying technologies were licensed from the Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center / Sheba Impact. For more information, please visit www.everads-therapy.com  and follow us on LinkedIn.

About Kriya Therapeutics

Kriya’s mission is to revolutionize medicine, with the ultimate goal of eliminating human suffering and enabling people to live without the burden of disease. Kriya is a biopharmaceutical company developing gene therapies to address diseases affecting millions of people around the world. With operations in Palo Alto, California and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, Kriya has raised over $600 million in committed capital, which will be used to advance a broad pipeline of gene therapies for ophthalmology, neurology and metabolic disease. For more information, please visit www.kriyatx.com and follow us on LinkedIn and X (Formerly Twitter).

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