Gcore and Ampere Join Forces to Provide High-Performance Cloud Solutions

Collaboration Introduces Innovative Ampere Processors for Demanding Cloud Workloads 

LUXEMBOURG, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Gcore, a European provider of public cloud and edge computing, content delivery, security, and AI, announces its collaboration with Ampere, a pioneer in the development of cloud-native processors. The collaboration brings together Gcore’s cloud infrastructure expertise with Ampere’s innovative 128-core processors based on the ARM architecture and optimized for cloud workloads.

Gcore virtual machines (VMs) now support configurations based on the Ampere® Altra® processor family—the industry’s first cloud-native processor that delivers predictable high performance, linear scalability, and power efficiency for data center deployments from the hyperscale cloud to the edge cloud. Ampere’s processors offer high core counts, allowing for efficient parallel processing of workloads.

A performance comparison of Ampere, Intel, and AMD processors on a single node running typical workloads shows that Ampere is on average 2.5x faster than Intel Xeon 3rd Gen and 1.7x faster than AMD EPYC 3rd Gen.

Gcore VMs are hosted on HPE ProLiant RL300 Gen11 servers, which are equipped with Ampere® Altra® processors. This is the server designed specifically for providers and digital-first enterprises that need to deploy cloud applications.

The scalability of the Ampere® Altra® product family enables cloud providers and data centers to handle a large number of concurrent tasks and efficiently scale their infrastructure as demand increases. Ampere® Altra® is cloud-optimized, and helps to maximize overall performance and cores-per-rack density. Ampere processors are based on the ARM architecture, which offers several advantages for cloud-native environments, including power efficiency, performance per watt, and support for heterogeneous workloads.

Gcore Product Director, Edge & AI Cloud, Vsevolod Vayner, stated, “We are excited to partner with Ampere and bring their innovative processors to our Cloud. Together, we can provide our customers with powerful and efficient virtual machines that will strengthen their efforts to deliver and maintain modern cloud applications.”

Ampere Chief Product Officer, Jeff Wittich, commented, “Our collaboration with Gcore is an important step in providing cloud-native solutions that meet the needs of today’s most demanding cloud workloads. Working together allows us to extend the reach of our Altra® Altra® processor family and bring its performance benefits to a broader range of customers.”

The collaboration between Gcore and Ampere represents a major step forward in cloud infrastructure. It provides a reliable and efficient solution for customers by delivering modern cloud-native applications based on scale-out and elastic cloud architectures. By collaborating on cutting-edge technologies, Gcore and Ampere are positioned to lead the industry in cloud infrastructure solutions built on high-performance and scalable hardware.

Find out more about collaboration between Gcore and Ampere on gcore.com/partners/ampere 

About Gcore
Gcore is an international leader in public cloud and edge computing, content delivery, hosting, security, and AI solutions. Headquartered in Luxembourg, with a staff of 500+ operating from 12 bases worldwide, Gcore provides its solutions to global leaders in numerous industries. Gcore manages its own global IT infrastructure across six continents, with one of the best network performances in Europe, Africa, and LATAM, due to the average response time of 30 ms worldwide. Gcore’s network consists of 150+ points of presence around the world in reliable Tier IV and Tier III data centers, with a total capacity exceeding 110 Tbps.

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About Ampere
Ampere is a modern semiconductor company designing the future of cloud computing with the world’s first Cloud Native Processors. Built for the sustainable Cloud with the highest performance and best performance per watt, Ampere processors accelerate the delivery of all cloud computing applications. Ampere Cloud Native Processors provide industry-leading cloud performance, power efficiency, and scalability.

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