Hafele’s Kitchen Storage Solutions

Hafele’s premium range of efficient, ergonomic and holistic storage solutions have been cleverly designed to not only utilise the space available in your kitchen effectively, but to also optimise functionality so that you, our customer can get ‘more life per meter square’. The range comprises of Slim Pull-outs for bottle or towel storage, a Side Pull-out to store jars, a Larder unit and Pantry unit for bulk storage of groceries and a corner unit to store your pots and pans.

Tall Pantry Units by Hafele

Available in two attractive finishes, Chrome and Metallic Anthracite, these German-engineered Storage Solutions seamlessly bequeath elegance and balance to your kitchen interiors. Equipped with the best operating characteristics, inherent elegant motions and distinguished material and finish properties, the range truly represents the well-known Hafele quality standards.

Corner Solutions Pullout & Turn Corner Unit by Hafele

Corner Solutions – Pull-out & Turn Corner Unit
The most underestimated space in the kitchen is the corners. Often, we tend to waste the space available under the joints of the kitchen countertop assuming that not much can be done with it. As a matter of fact, corner spaces when utilised optimally can prove to be the most effective space allocations for storing daily use utensils and other kitchen items.

Hafele’s Pull-out and Turn Corner Unit comes with a patented motion design that allows all the contents of the unit to come out, ensuring complete access with a single operation. With 4 baskets, installed astutely into the unit, you get maximum opportunity to store your pots and pans and other utility items in this corner unit. The user-friendly design ensures that the baskets come out of the cabinet, giving you the convenience of accessing whatever you want.

Tall Units – Hafele Pantry Unit
Tall units are one of the best options for kitchen storage. They are essentially high cabinets that provide a large amount of storage space and grant easy access. These systems are designed to optimally utilise vertical spaces available within kitchens and can effectively store bulk quantities of food (non-refrigerated) and other kitchen items in an organized way.

With Hafele’s Pantry Unit, you can store large containers, food grains and other bulky items in the internal baskets and smaller items in the door baskets. When the cabinet door is opened, the internal baskets automatically slide out giving you a clear overview and convenient access to the items stored. Additionally, the baskets come with adjustable height facility to further address and customise your specific storage requirements.

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