Introducing BEK Buzz: a One-Stop Destination for BEK TV Content and More

Bismarck, ND, December 15, 2023 –(– BEK Communications is excited to announce the launch of BEK Buzz, a dynamic website dedicated to providing an all-encompassing hub for BEK News content. With a mission to connect our audience with the latest happenings at BEK and on BEK TV, BEK Buzz promises to be the go-to destination for news and sports enthusiasts, and anyone looking to stay informed and engaged. Find BEK Buzz online at

BEK Buzz offers a variety of features that cater to a diverse range of interests and information needs. Here’s a glimpse into some of its features:

Categorized Content
BEK Buzz is organized into categories, making it effortless for visitors to navigate and find content that aligns with their interests. Whether they’re into news, sports, or BEK products, BEK Buzz has fans covered.

Full Episode Writeups
BEK Buzz provides comprehensive write-ups for each episode of BEK TV’s show lineup, offering readers an insightful overview of what to expect. Dive deep into the stories, features, and special guests that make each episode unique. Each summary includes a convenient link to watch the full episode, ensuring that viewers will never miss out on the latest news and engaging discussions.

Sports Announcements
Sports enthusiasts can find all the information they need about BEK’s sports coverage, including game schedules, highlights, post recaps, and player profiles. Additionally, get to know the talented individuals who deliver the sports coverage everyone enjoys.

BEK Communications Products
Discover the innovative products and services offered by BEK Communications that can enhance a user’s digital experience. Explore cutting-edge technology solutions designed to keep people connected.

Public Relations
Always be in the know about important developments and initiatives taking place at BEK Communications. Likewise, BEK Buzz highlights BEK Communication’s commitment to community engagement and outreach initiatives. Learn about the meaningful ways BEK is giving back to the communities served.

BEK Buzz is not just a website; it’s a dynamic platform that fosters engagement, connection, and information sharing. As BEK TV continues to evolve and expand their reach, BEK Buzz will remain the trusted source for all things happening at BEK and on BEK TV.

BEK TV is the only North Dakota-owned broadcasting company remaining in the state and produces more local content than any other television station. It broadcasts statewide on television and across the world via internet. BEK TV consists of content from both BEK Sports and BEK News.

BEK TV is the largest television broadcaster of high school and collegiate athletics in the region, broadcasting nearly 400 live events each year. The network also is the state’s top producer of original news and opinion programming. BEK TV is the 2021, 2022, and 2023 winner of the Bismarck Tribune’s Best of the Best contest, selected by the public for “Best Television Station.”

The concept behind BEK’s news programming is to provide a media service platform that is unscripted and uncensored. BEK TV hosts are untrained broadcasters who share their perspectives and views on topics and issues that North Dakotans are talking about. The BEK network never controls the messaging.

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