LD&D Introduces InteriorSelect, A First-Of-Its-Kind Interior Residential Design Technology

MIAMI, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Imagine virtually stepping into your future home to hand-select flooring, window treatments, and detailed elements like lighting and trims, room by room, all with a click of a button. This is now possible with the launch of InteriorSelect, an innovative home design configurator with one-of-its-kind personalization technology introduced by design and development firm LD&D.

Offered only for new residential developments, InteriorSelect is revolutionizing the home design experience and is first available at Aria Reserve in Miami, Fla. The cutting-edge, user-friendly platform empowers buyers to customize their future residence through a virtual 3D experience, allowing creative control that is inputted to LD&D’s design team in real-time. With access to their specific floorplan, and the ability to save multiple versions, users can explore customization options before finalizing a complete, tailormade design package – a curated concept LD&D will then bring to life. Designers are also available to accommodate requests beyond the program’s selections.

Created in partnership with Tecma Solutions, a digital real estate business platform, the interface enables residents to easily visualize their future living spaces, ensuring every detail meets their unique preferences, budget and aesthetic taste. Homeowners can select from an assortment of options per category, including lighting, flooring, wall color, windows, closets, and more. Additional upgrades include AV packages; home automation options; kitchen cabinetry and countertops with backsplash and waterfall selections; and custom doors.

“InteriorSelect is a game-changer for residence customization at properties looking to enhance the buyer experience,” said LD&D Managing Partner Alejandro Bonet. “This is a win-win for developers and homeowners alike. Providing future dwellers complete control of their home design and the ability to fully immerse in personalizing their space, in turn, allows our team to approach each resident’s vision effectively, efficiently, and creatively. This revolutionary technology will ensure homes are ready long before the move-in date, allowing a seamless and distinctive experience from the start.”

About LD&D
LD&D is a leading development team differentiated by its mix of financial acumen, building know-how and creativity. With offices in Miami and New York, the company analyzes opportunities from a business perspective and proposes vertically integrated design solutions that offer a design-centric take on development. Their sophisticated in-house team collaborates with designers and architects to concept forward-thinking ideas that are as strategic as they are visionary. Visit: www.ldnd.com