Melodius for Creators: Launching World-First Music E-tech Marketplace Connecting Influential Musicians, Students, and Brands

Sydney, Australia, December 15, 2023 –(– Melodius, pioneering the music education landscape, is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking two-sided marketplace designed for creators. This innovative platform connects influential musicians with students and brands, allowing them to share expertise and monetize their skills through a dynamic blend of freemium and premium user experiences.

Profit-Sharing: Join the Team, Share Success
Melodius introduces a cutting-edge profit-sharing model, where mentors and subscribers enjoy a fair 50/50 split. Joining Melodius is not just a partnership; it’s becoming part of a collaborative team. Mentors work together to maximize motivation and collectively strive towards the common goal of developing reliable monthly income.

Marketing Strategy: Blending Organic Reach with Dynamic Marketing
In collaboration with creators, Melodius combines organic reach with a strategic mix of paid and organic marketing to capture a highly targeted audience. The platform employs smart funnels designed to benefit all creators, generating cross-traffic and creating a network effect similar to the growth models of Facebook and Instagram.

Melodius Advantage: Early Adoption, Timing, Team & Product Innovation
Melodius holds a strategic advantage with over 50 mentors boasting a collective audience of 18.7 million. As pioneers in a niche sector, the platform’s timing, dedicated team, and innovative product make it the first to market. Continuous innovation, social sharing, and integrated smart funnels further set Melodius apart.

Don’t Miss This Online Boom: Strategic Positioning in High-Growth Industries
Melodius strategically positions itself at the intersection of some of the fastest-growing industries, particularly online courses. By concentrating efforts in this high-growth sector and leveraging technology, Melodius creates opportunities for those seeking to capitalize on this trend.

Melodius Mission: Building an Exclusive Space for Musical Success
Melodius is on a mission to build an exclusive online space where musicians not only survive but thrive. The platform aims to craft a community of success stories by reshaping the narrative for struggling artists and fostering growth for talented musicians and their students. Melodius believes in instilling hope in the music community, empowering them to embrace new opportunities and possibilities.

About Melodius: Pioneering Music Education for the Future
Founded with a vision to empower musicians, Melodius is at the forefront of reshaping music education. The platform offers a unique Music E-tech Marketplace, connecting influential musicians with students and brands, fostering collaboration, and creating opportunities for growth in the rapidly evolving landscape of online courses. Join Melodius and be part of a community where musicians thrive and success stories are born.

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