Mobalon Inc. Presents Electric Mobile Salon Buses

Dallas, TX, September 27, 2023 –(– Mobalon Inc. is making a move to launch a fleet of electric shuttle bus mobile salons and is looking to partner with 10 Investors ($100k minimum) to launch their initial signature Electric Mobile Salon Buses by January 2024. This decision will have a massive impact on protecting the environment from gas and diesel-fueled mobile salons that are currently plaguing cities across the country.

This investment offering also challenges the current drag of the normal 8-10% per year return investors have been trained to expect. Mobalon Inc. is offering a flat 20% return for every $100K invested by qualified investors with a per-year renewal option of up to 10 years. Each $100k investment is backed with an ownership share in a newly established LLC through which one mobile salon unit will be procured and insured to protect the investor’s interest.

Mobalon Inc. has designed the Mobile Salon Program to find the most professional and dedicated licensed barbers and stylists who will use the Mobile Salon Buses to serve the elite, as well as, their local underserved community with much-needed personal care services. Mr. Ronnie Mac, CEO of Mobalon, always says, “If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you do good.”

Mr. Ronnie Mac, better known as, Mr. Hair Art and Coach (life coach), owner of Mobalon Inc., Mobile Salon Network LLC, Mr. Hair Art and Salon FundRaiser, has been in the barber and beauty industry for 29 years bringing innovative solutions to the industry and the people they serve, the general public. The Mobile Salon Bus Program is just one of the latest projects he developed and later evolved to meet and exceed the specific needs of COVID-19.