NEW Episode: The White House 1600 Sessions Podcast “U.S. First Ladies: Making History and Leaving Legacies”

White House Historical Association President Stewart McLaurin Sits Down with Author Anita McBride About the Impact of First Ladies

WASHINGTON, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The White House Historical Association released a new episode of The White House 1600 Sessions today featuring a conversation with Anita McBride about a new college textbook she co-authored called “U.S. First Ladies: Making History and Leaving Legacies.” McBride was an assistant to President George W. Bush, Chief of Staff to First Lady Laura Bush, and is the current director of American University’s Legacies of America’s First Ladies Initiative in Washington, D.C. She is also a co-founder of the First Ladies Association for Research and Education (FLARE). In the episode, Stewart McLaurin, president of the Association, talks with McBride about how first ladies have influenced American society, public policy, diplomacy, and life in the White House.

The textbook fills a gap in academic literature and shines a light on the evolution of the role of first lady along with the initiatives, contributions, and lasting legacies of each first lady from Martha Washington to Dr. Jill Biden. There will also be a trade book released called “Remember the First Ladies: The Legacies of America’s History-Making Women.” Both of these books were co-authored by McBride along with Diana Carlin and Nancy Kegan Smith.

“Soft power is definitely synonymous with the role of first lady and throughout our history. Many first ladies have exerted soft power,” said McBride. “For example, Caroline Harrison was asked to help raise funds for Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore, and she agreed to do it, but only if they admitted women as students.”

The full video of this podcast episode is also on the White House Historical Association’s YouTube channel.

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