Oakland-Based Tech Startup ‘Us in Technology’ Announces Partnership with Non-Profit ‘re:WORK TRAINING’

Collaboratively Shaping the Future of Tech Sales Bootcamps for Minority Professionals

OAKLAND, Calif., Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a groundbreaking move, Us in Technology (UiT) and re:WORK TRAINING have announced a strategic collaboration. Merging their collective prowess in technology and job training, they are set to launch an unrivaled Sales Bootcamp tailored for Minority Professionals, with the inaugural cohort commencing on October 2nd.

Both organizations, although initially seen as “competitors” due to parallel missions, have a long history of mutual admiration. Their collective vision to bolster opportunities for minorities in tech sales roles aligns perfectly, setting the stage for a transformative alliance.

Kendrick Trotter, Founder/CEO of UiT, elucidated on the collaboration, stating, “Education, to me, has always been the most potent tool for liberation. The depth of knowledge one possesses directly influences their freedom. Re:Work’s commitment to quality and its unparalleled free program resonates deeply with UiT’s foundational principles. Through this partnership, we’re poised to expand our learning services dramatically.”

Shelton Banks, the dynamic CEO of re:WORK TRAINING, commented, “Our enduring vision at re:WORK TRAINING has been to reshape cities where one’s potential isn’t stifled by their zip code. With UiT by our side, we’re more equipped than ever to offer transformative upskilling opportunities, changing lives and tech landscapes alike.”

This partnership isn’t merely about training; it’s a revolution. A revolution to foster an ecosystem in tech where diversity is not an afterthought but a given, ensuring a vibrant, inclusive tomorrow.

Those eager to embark on this transformative bootcamp journey can register here. For a deeper dive into Us in Technology or to gain insights into this landmark collaboration, kindly reach out to Nadya Collins.


A trailblazing non-profit, re:WORK TRAINING’s mission is to make workplaces genuinely reflect the diversity of our communities. Their ambitious goal: empower 25,000 Black, Latinx, and People of Color to earn an impressive $30 billion over the next twenty years.

About Us in Technology:
Us in Technology stands as a beacon in the movement to diversify the tech landscape. They’re passionately crafting what they envision will be the #1 social media platform dedicated to empowering, connecting, and uplifting minority professionals.

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