Relish Joins Workday AI Marketplace Early Adopter Program to Deliver Generative AI Solutions to Workday Customers

CLEVELAND, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Relish, a leading B2B platform and app developer, has been named an early adopter launch partner for the Workday AI Marketplace – a curated online marketplace of proven, trustworthy, responsible AI and ML apps within the Workday ecosystem.

Through the marketplace, Relish will deliver context generative AI technology enabling customers to unlock increased productivity through streamlined tasks and processes, increasing efficiency, and enabling better decision-making.

“We are incredibly excited to introduce the Workday AI Marketplace as a centralized place where Workday customers can find cutting edge AI and ML apps that they know they can trust,” said Sayan Chakraborty, co-President, Workday. “Our early adopter partners are building some of the most innovative solutions on the market today – and they’re doing it in a way that is aligned with our Workday’s Responsible AI principles. Together with these partners, and many more partners to come, we’re making it easy for our customers to future-proof their businesses.”

The Workday AI Marketplace will feature AI and ML apps that integrate with Workday via APIs, and apps built through Workday Extend using Workday-trained large language models.

“At Relish, we have developed generative AI solutions to transform how users interact with their enterprise systems,” said Ryan Walicki, Relish CEO. “We are no longer processors, but conductors of our enterprise systems and they are now adapting and learning from us creating efficiencies we are just starting to realize.”

About Relish
Relish is a user-first B2B app development and platform company designed to extend enterprise applications to maximize investment, protect against third-party risk, validate supplier data, automate invoicing, and help teams across industries, company sizes, and digital maturity manage information, tasks, and processes. For more about Relish, visit