TDLAS & Super Low Power NDIR Launch Will Reshape Gas Detection Market

CHICAGO, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Innovaer Technologies, in partnership with Cubic Sensors & Instruments, announced today that they will be launching two new innovative methane detection technologies to support the Global Methane Pledge in reducing greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2030. These innovations will be highlighted at the CH4 Connections 2023 Conference in Fort Collins, CO on October 4th-5th.

TDLAS Sensing Engine for Fugitive Methane Emissions Monitoring

The state-of-the-art Gasboard-2502 series TDLAS sensor is designed for continuous methane monitoring applications. Cubic’s advanced TDLAS technology offers superior methane selectivity, ultra-high resolution, expanded measurement range, 1ppm minimum detection level and a disruptive pricing model in all application environments.

  • 1ppm Minimum Detection Limit (MDL)
  • 0.1ppm resolution
  • 5ppm + 2% Measured Value Accuracy
  • 0-1000ppm measurement range
  • Advance AI for real-time temperature and humidity compensation

Super Low Power NDIR Sensing Engine

IoT is taking hold in the industrial world, accordingly the demand for sensors optimized to support battery powered systems has grown exponentially.  The Industrial NDIR Type-4 sensor product portfolio from Innovaer Technologies is being updated to include sensors with super-low current draw requirements.

  • Microamp current draw
  • Minature Type-4 housing
  • %volume output
  • Automatic calibration and temperature & humidity compensation

Design/Build Methane Emission Detection Services

With a rapidly evolving marketplace, speed-to-market of system solutions is critical. Innovaer Technologies & Cubic have experience and sensor knowledge to provide full turn key design & build solutions to customers looking to OEM’s add a Continuous Emission Monitoring System. A customized solution can be in production in less than 1 year.

  • Robust design for all environment
  • Smart power consumption management with battery & solar supply
  • Lifetime over 10 years
  • Integrated weather station
  • Selectable communication protocols
  • Superior accuracy and sensitivity over all conditions

“Greenhouse gas monitoring and leak identification is critical to ensure we have a healthy global environment for the long term. Innovaer Technologies’ expertise is in solving the most demanding air and gas sensing applications and we leverage our 40+ years of experience to develop these new solutions to ensure our partners can bring new systems to market to help in the reduction in overall methane emissions.” said Tony Nowak, President of Innovaer Technologies.

Headquartered in Hinsdale, IL, Innovaer Technologies is a leading provider for air and gas sensing solutions.

CONTACT: Tony Nowak, [email protected]

SOURCE Innovaer Technologies