The Havana Syndrome Organization is Building a Team to Establish a Havana Syndrome Center

Los Angeles, CA, September 27, 2023 –(– The Havana Syndrome organization is teaming up with medical specialists, scientists, technology experts and engineers to establish the 1st Havana Syndrome Center Worldwide to treat and rehabilitate victims of Havana Syndrome. The Center will also serve as a research center to find out the root causes of these symptoms, injuries, and/or illnesses.

What is Havana Syndrome – it is an attack of the central nervous system that includes a set of symptoms/injuries: Headaches, fatigue, hearing and vision loss, severe and debilitating cognitive impairment, tinnitus, brain fog, vertigo, hair breakage – from electroshocks also loss of motor control, hot and cold flashes, chronic sinusitis and dry eyes. It also impairs thinking, reduces situational awareness, inflicts long-term neurological damage and clouds normal cognitive functions. Its effects are complex, painful, and inconsistent.

The exact location will be announced on their website.