“Trash Man” to Terrify This Thanksgiving

Jackson, MS, September 26, 2023 –(PR.com)– Get ready for a heart-pounding Thanksgiving like no other as CWM Entertainment and Rivers Ash Productions unleash the tantalizing trailer and poster art (created by Marc Schoenbach of Sadist Art Designs) for “When the Trash Man Knocks.” Brace yourselves for a bone-chilling journey into the abyss of horror, pulled from the demented mind of writer/director Christopher Wesley Moore (known for the spine-tingling “Children of Sin”).

Moore says “Anxiety is something I have a very personal connection to and I wanted to make a horror film about what it’s like to live with that and how it affects people differently. You have this mother and son who are both dealing with their own anxieties in equally unhealthy ways and how they come to the conclusion that they have to confront them if they’re ever going to have a chance at a happy life and that’s when this horrible monster from their past returns and throws everything out of whack. It’s definitely a slasher film, but at its core, it’s also a family drama. I think of it as a little bit Halloween and a little bit Ordinary People.”

In “When the Trash Man Knocks,” the idyllic Thanksgiving celebration of a small Southern town takes a harrowing turn when the deranged killer known as the Trash Man resurfaces. He’s on a mission to craft his own macabre family by using the body parts of his unfortunate victims, forcing a mother and her son to confront their deepest and darkest fears.

Returning from the chilling world of “Children of Sin,” the talented trio of Jo-Ann Robinson, Meredith Mohler, and Ana-Claire Henley reunite to deliver unforgettable performances that will leave you trembling with fear.

Mark your calendars and prepare for a Thanksgiving feast of terror! “When the Trash Man Knocks” is set to premiere on Video On Demand on November 10, offering the perfect thrill ride for the holiday season.