Trina Solar’s sustainable technology drives green future

CHANGZHOU, China, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Module has to take the whole responsibility of stability and reliability, and existing technologies are the most sustainable and practical technologies to fight climate change, Dr. Pierre Verlinden, Chief Scientist of Trina Solar, said at the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition.

The event, the most professional and influential meeting in the PV industry, was held in Lisbon, Portugal, from September 18 to 22.

In a round-table discussion Dr. Pierre Verlinden said Trina Solar has focused on the most cost-effective and sustainable technologies at the moment. The company has invested heavily in technological innovation and led the development of TOPCon technology in 2015, almost immediately after introducing PERC, laying a solid foundation for the industrialization of n-type products. With the start of mass production of Vertex N 700W+ series modules in August, Trina Solar becomes the first module maker to mass produce TOPCon modules with power exceeding 700W.

Also at the Lisbon event, Adele Zhao, Trina’s Head of Product Solutions and Marketing in EMEA, delivered a speech titled The Road to Sustainable Technology, introducing the company’s latest technology, sustainable products and smart energy solutions.

The highly reliable Vertex N module has passed the thresher test of the Renewable Energy Test Center in Fremont, California, demonstrating excellent performance, and thanks to the great performance of Trina Solar’s Vertex N 700W series modules, PV Evolution Labs of Napa, California, has named the company Top Performer for nine consecutive years.

The Vertex N module’s high value is underlined by its “golden size” design, and small, medium and large formats, maximizing power output and reducing LCOE. Recycling solar panels prevents valuable materials from entering landfills and supports a circular economy.

Trina Solar is committed to minimizing the probability of module replacement while enhancing the energy yield throughout the product lifespan. The full range of 210mm Vertex modules was awarded the Carbon Footprint Certificate by TÜV Rheinland last year. The company’s Vertex S+ modules can reduce carbon emissions by 11%, with plastics in backsheets being replaced with glass, which can be recycled.

The world has to work together on sustainability, Adele said in her speech, and Trina Solar, with its advanced technology and integrated PV and storage solutions, is  greatly contributing to green development with high-quality and low-carbon products, it’s motto being “Solar Energy for All”.

By the end of June the total green power Trina Solar had generated was 202.5 billion kWh, reducing CO2 by 201.89 million tons.

On September 6 the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China honored Trina Solar with the title of Decarbonisation Leader for its achievements in low-carbon transition and climate change mitigation.

Trina Solar is committed to leading the way in smart solar energy solutions and facilitating the transformation of new power systems for a net-zero future.

SOURCE Trina Solar Co., Ltd