WagWell Debuts as First-of-its-Kind Dog Wellness Brand that Redefines Modern Pet Health

The brand’s introduction of Ahiflower Oil meets the needs of rising consumer demand for sustainability-driven and quality ingredients for dogs

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — WagWell, a dog wellness brand committed to making sustainable, functional, and best-in-class products, has launched with a curated collection of supplements aimed to help dogs live their best lives. WagWell’s mission is to provide innovative, differentiated and effective products that focus on high-quality ingredients and exceptional product design. The brand will first introduce supplements starting at $32 that feature Ahiflower, a game-changing plant-based omega oil that is sustainably harvested, non-GMO, and clinically proven to improve a dog’s skin, coat and joints. This differentiator sets WagWell apart, meeting the rising consumer demand for alternatives to marine-based omega sources.

“As my ten-year-old pug’s energy and mobility started to slow down, I delved into the world of pet supplements to prolong her happy and healthy lifestyle and was disheartened by the limited clean options available to pet owners like myself,” said William Smolen, WagWell Co-Founder and CEO. I set out to create a line of supplements that pet owners could trust, nothing superfluous. I’m thrilled to introduce WagWell and offer a legitimate, trusted wellness brand that will improve your pet’s lifestyle.”

WagWell’s veterinary-approved products are produced in U.S. facilities, all-natural, human grade, with no fillers, corn, wheat, or soy, and are minimally processed. The brand is honest about the purpose of each ingredient and the recommended regimen, using only straightforward, science-backed formulations and the highest quality ingredients. With approachable price points and visible results within one week, WagWell’s supplements are an excellent choice for any pet owner. With the belief that diet is the most crucial part of wellness, WagWell is introducing supplements as the first in an innovative line of pet wellness products designed to improve the daily lives of dogs and owners. To learn more and view the full collection, please visit www.wagwellpet.com

About WagWell 
WagWell is a dog-centric wellness brand made up of a small team of go-fetch enthusiasts, dog park regulars, and belly rub experts who are working to make all dogs live their best lives because they deserve it. WagWell is the first to use the full Ahiflower plant, a highly effective, non-GMO, and sustainably harvested, vegan omega oil for joint health. With a clinically proven quality, this key ingredient makes a huge impact on your dog’s skin, coat and joints. This level of best-in-class and scientifically proven approach is applied to all WagWell supplements. In partnership with nutritionists and veterinarians, WagWell provides straightforward science-backed products and information that puts your pup’s wellbeing and your peace of mind first. Together, we keep them wagging and well. The brand invites pet owners to share their best friend’s WagWell experience on social media @wagwellpet on Instagram and TikTok. To learn more about WagWell, please visit: www.wagwellpet.com