Yatsen and its high-end technological skincare brand attend the “Nobel for Cosmetics,” demonstrating the strength of China’s beauty R&D

BARCELONA, Spain, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 33rd International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) Congress (IFSCC Congress), known as the “Nobel Prize for Cosmetics,” was held in Barcelona, Spain, from September 4 to 7. Yatsen with its high-end technological skincare brand, Galénic, made a grand debut at the event and became China’s first emerging beauty group to be certified as a Gold-Level Benefactor of the IFSCC.

At the IFSCC Congress, Galénic released a paper on its proprietary rheolique peptide, competing with many cosmetic peers around the world. During the event, Yatsen announced that it entered into a strategic cooperation with Lubrizol, a global peptide giant. The two parties will further collaborate to research new ingredients, delve into cutting-edge anti-aging skincare sciences, and continue to expand the Yatsen Open Lab’s R&D boundaries.

Yatsen becomes a Gold-Level Benefactor at its second appearance at the IFSCC Congress

In this year’s IFSCC Congress, Yatsen announced that it was invited to be a Gold-Level Benefactor of the IFSCC. Dr. Carmina Casas, the 33rd Congress president, attended the awarding ceremony as the official representative, and Dr. Vania Leite, the 34th Congress president, witnessed the ceremony on site. At the award ceremony, Dr. Carmina Casas said, “We are delighted and proud to have Yatsen as the 33rd IFSCC Congress Gold-Level Benefactor. In just a few years, Yatsen has presented amazing changes to the global cosmetics industry. The IFSCC looks forward to maintaining a closer relationship with Yatsen and contributing to the R&D and innovation of the cosmetics industry together.”

According to the host, the IFSCC has strict criteria for selecting partners. Juergen Lademann, the IFSCC’s global president, stated that a Benefactor brand must meet two conditions: “the strength that leads the market and the ability to contribute to the promotion and progress of cosmetic technology.” Becoming a Gold-Level Benefactor of the IFSCC marks that Yatsen’s sci-tech “hard power” and brand innovation and R&D have been recognized in the international arena, which is the result of the group’s great efforts in R&D.

This is the second appearance of Yatsen at the IFSCC Congress. At the 32nd IFSCC Congress in London last year, two of the company’s scientific and technological achievements, the “investigation of salicylic acid nano-emulsion with slow-release and controlled-release efficacy and its efficacy in acne elimination” and the “study on the ability of grapevine flower cell extracts to counteract different environmental stresses based on 3D whole-layer human skin modeling,” stood out from global cosmetic studies and were invited to be presented on posters at the IFSCC Congress. They were recognized by international cosmetic industry authorities as being novel, original, and scientific.

Paper on proprietary rheolique peptide presented on site and cooperation reached with Lubrizol

At the congress, Galénic presented a paper on its proprietary rheolique peptide on a poster on site, proving another significant breakthrough in cutting-edge scientific and technological R&D by Galénic. The paper, included by the 33rd IFSCC Congress, showed that Galénic’s proprietary rheolique peptide makes a breakthrough by activating the longevity gene Klotho three times, thus slowing down cellular aging signals. Yatsen’s Chief Scientific Officer Cheng Jing explained that rheolique peptide stimulates the regeneration of longevity proteins, protects the skin’s collagen in every aspect, activates cellular autophagy, and inhibits stimulant factors of aging, thus achieving global anti-aging. This cutting-edge idea brings more breakthroughs in anti-aging. Currently, this proprietary achievement has been applied in Galénic Couture Secret D’Excellence the Active Cream. The proprietary rheolique peptide has been tested and proven to penetrate the skin’s underlying layers, effectively slowing down the aging process.

To further enhance the brand’s comprehensive competitiveness in cutting-edge scientific anti-aging, Yatsen announced at the congress that it entered a strategic cooperation with Lubrizol, a global peptide giant, to launch a proprietary rheolique peptide ingredient. In the upstream raw materials, Lubrizol is known as the “House of Peptides,” with notable strength in the R&D and application of argireline. It is renowned around the world by its continuous R&D and innovation capabilities and product iteration speed. Galénic and Lubrizol will delve into scientific skincare, aiming to create more scientifically effective skincare products for the everlasting beauty of consumers around the world.

SOURCE Yatsen Global